Sharon Carne B.Mus., M.F.A., RMT

Sharon CarneMusic has been a big part of Sharon’s life from an early age, singing in church choirs as a youth, formal music study on the classical guitar in her teens and earning a Bachelor of Music Degree from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario and a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota in guitar performance. In 1988, she was invited to join the faculty of The Conservatory, Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, where she pioneered the teaching of classical guitar to young children for nearly 30 years.

Sharon’s curiosity about the deeper and healing nature of sound was sparked by some innocent exercises in stage fright with some nervous adult students in the early 1990s. These simple exercises eventually led to the pioneering work of Sound Wellness.

Imagining a color while performing worked really well to calm the nerves, but people in the audience kept getting the color. Sharon’s curiosity was ignited with the questions – What is it about sound that makes it a carrier for thought? And – What else can it do?

This led to intense personal research in sound healing and sound therapy and ultimately, to study with two of the field’s pioneers, Jonathan Goldman and Tom Kenyon.

In 2008, Sharon was invited to participate as a facilitator in a study on stress reduction sponsored by the Integrative Health Institute at Mount Royal University. She developed a program specifically for the study using a variety of ways sound and music relieves stress.
At the conclusion of the program, enthusiasm from her group was so high that she knew she had to find a way to make this information and experience available to a larger audience. So the material was expanded, and Sound Wellness was created about a month after her work in the study on stress.

Sound Wellness continues to evolve and expand with the creation of the Sound Wellness Institute. Click here to learn more about the Sound Wellness Institute.

In addition to developing programs for the Sound Wellness Institute, Sharon has authored a book, numerous training manuals for Sound Wellness Practitioners, and numerous CDs, both solo and in collaboration with others. On the musical side, she has performed in Ontario and Alberta and adjudicated at several music festivals across Alberta.

Sharon is a popular international speaker who is invited to speak at all kinds of events from Lunch and Learns to National Conferences, many of these within the medical community, and dozens of radio shows.

Sharon has been an active member of the community with over 30 years of service on boards such as the Alberta Registered Music Teachers’ Association, Calgary Branch, The Classical Guitar Society of Calgary, Music Coterie/Piano Workshop, The Branch Association of Mount Royal University. She is also a Calgary ambassador for The Evolutionary Business Council.

In her spare time, Sharon loves to read, practice her classical guitar, garden, handicrafts and playing with her grandchildren.