Emergent Programs at the Sound Wellness® Institute


/əˈmərjənt/ adjective: the process of coming into being or becoming prominent.*


Emergent WorkForce™

The Emergent WorkForce™ program at the Sound Wellness Institute offers powerful, lasting solutions that support your employees abilities to deal with stress, and to reclaim the brilliance of which they are capable.

The Emergent WorkForce™ program works to:

  • restore productivity by reducing the impact of stress.
  • reclaim the brain, sharpening focus, concentration and creativity.
  • enhance the capacity to shift perspectives and manage emotions, essential in conflict resolution.
  • provide powerful tools that support the natural healing ability of the body.

The result is an Emergent WorkForce™. One where the effects of stress are minimized. Where health and wellbeing is restored. Where old patterns are shifted. Where creativity, passion and purpose can flourish and expand. 

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Emergent WorkPlace™

The Emergent WorkPlace™ is a program that was created to work with your orgainzation to make an extrordinary “Business Pivot”, to achieve the goals that you most desire. It is built through commitment and cemented by communication to all stakeholders of your intended actions and outcomes.

It takes hold thorugh continued mentoring and coaching, as champions within your organization are nurtured, so they can maintain the momentum.

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the Collaboratory

A Collaboratory is a conjunction of Collaboration + Laboratory.

* definition from the Oxford English Dictionary